Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Idea of Progress, Ronan TS3

           The idea of progress


Document 1: Movie “The sixth day” In this movie a father wants to clone his daughter's dog. A salesman wants to sell a cloned pet. He says there are many advantages like : -low prices -20% -as safe as real pets -they are insured But it's dangerous, and pets don’t have soul.

 Document 2: p62 “ Brave new world ? “ : “ Old man out ” In this picture there are four muscular men on a conveyor belt and one man who is different. He's skinny, short and weak. There is a giant claw that is grabbing the man in the middle and rejecting him. He will be thrown away in the skip in the foreground. In the bin we can see a lot of men with flaws. They have been rejected because of their shortcoming. It's an example of selective breeding or genetic engineering . Today most research in genetic engineering of humans is banned. The cartoonist might want to criticize selective breeding. His goal is that scientists will be likely to create the perfect man or woman.

Document 3 : p63 “ science babies “ They are inside a kind of glass egg, scientists will be to fabricate millions of identical “ twins” It's bad if there are no limit . A lot of people would disagree with this innovation, because we would not natural. This situation represent human stupidity because we would not have our own personality

 Document 4 :p64 “Design your baby “ There are two scientist who are trying to create a perfect baby but, they are using themselves as model . Genetic modification is reality today. It's a science fact. These scientific procedures are compared to a fast food order . Parents can choose their hair color, eye color, health and intelligence. Only rich can have better babies.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The idea of progress - Pierre-Yves Reignoux TS3

The first document is an image. We can see a conveyor belt with four men on it who look the same and one man who is catch by a giant claw because he is different and into a skip we see lot of person who are different one with three eyes one hand with six finger this document represent a form of selective breeding. The ideal of human for this cartoon it's a white man with black hair and who is strong. It's look like the idea of race of Adolf Hitler who think the best race is the ariens. The good point with selective breeding the racism is annihilated but this similarity stop the creation of new idea and they destroy any different form of life which are different of them.

The second document is a text who talk about test tube baby thanks to that process babies haven't diseases but it's against nature and this science must be treated with caution because it affects the modication of the human phenotype. If creation of specifics baby isn't regulated, at the end the humanity is only created by this process. If a man want to create an army of perfect soldiers he can use this process for control his army so this experimentation must be controlled by a man who have a sense of ethics

The third and last document is an extract from a film “The sixth day”. We can a father who go in a shop called “REPET” who cloned animals. In the shop, a saler come to the father and explain the qualities of cloning, he ask to the father who is dead. The father says it's his daughter's dog who died this morning. The father want to clone the dog so his daughter doesn't know. The saler secure to the father they're as safe as real pets and they're insured but the father think they haven't soul and they're dangerous. These animals aren't the same as the original so they can be dangerous for the owner

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Idea of Progress- Charly TES2

Theme: The Idea of Progress
The three documents that I have chosen are documents related to the idea of progress because they are all three examples of scientific progress.

The first document is a video which comes from the movie « The Sixth Day ». This video talks about animal cloning , that is scientific progress. In the video, Adam is trying to clone his lost dog. He went to the shop « Repet ». A salesman explained to him all the advantages to cloning his dog.
For me, cloning is a bad thing because the new dog will never replace Adam's lost dog. This is a dangerous technique and is not natural.

The second document is the Text A and the picture on page 64. The picture is a cartoon about the cloning of designer babies. In this cartoon, the scientists are fat and are seeking perfection. In the Text A,the scientists seek perfection and it's not a good idea because human cloning is not natural and causes discrimination for designer babies.

My third document is the Text B on page 64. This document is an article from a newspaper (USA Today). The text talks about a true story of genetic selection. The genetic selection can save lives. In my opinion, the genetic selection is a very good scientific progress because can save lives and cure diseases. But is a dangerous technique and this technique is against laws on boiethics.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The idea of progress by Emilie_TES2


                                            The idea of progress

As for as I'm concerned progress is the action of going forward,of  growing, of being a better  example . There are lots of ideas of progress . In class we studied differents text with different ideas .

⦁    We studied « helping the dreamers » by Barack Obama . To me this text is  very important progress for the history of the United States of America because it's the first time a american president has established a law in favour of immigration . This text is  political and social progress.
In my opinion it's very positive progress for immigrants because they can have driver's license or scholarship , this is  important progress for the U.S.A .

⦁    Second, we studied a video « How I harnessed the wind » by william Kamkwamba . To me william Kamkwamba is like a hero of progress because in malawi there was a shortage of food and water there wasn't any electricity it's a very poor country,he couldn't pay for school fees but he learned english and he created a windmill just with a physics book ! to me it's a real experience and he showed that being poor it's not a handicap we can be very intelligent and poor that's why it's a progress technical because now his family have water electricity and help their neighbours but too social because to me willian kamkwanba it's like a hope for the people of Africa .

⦁    Finally the last document study in class is "design your baby" it's cartoon talking about cloning and designer babies . The scientists are seeking perfection they are fat ugly and near-sighted and it's ironic that they're trying to make a baby like them ! To me it's like a baby shop and depersonalizes people . I strongly believe it's a negative progress because it's not natural, babies shouldn't be a fashion and a business and it can cause discrimination . However designer babies can be a positive progress for science and for instance parents who can't have babies .

to put in the nutshell the progress is very important for evolution of earth there are postive or negative progress but it's different for every people that's why choise the 3 documents because to me we can see lot of different progress (political,social,technical ..) . To me the progress created our society over time .